Earn More By Upgrading!

But Wait! There’s More!

Before you decide to get your Vmobile Business Starter Package (Technopreneur) right now for P3,988, We will give you a Limited Offer to Upgrade your package to our BEST SELLER – 3D Tri-Package Account!

So instead of investing P3,988, you will now invest P11,964 and get these additional privileges that you won’t be getting from just 1 account!

  • + Get Additional 20 More TechnoUSER Cards! So instead of getting just 60 Technouser cards (3 Accounts X 20 TU Cards), you will now get a total of 80 TechnoUSER Cards! (That’s an additional P5000 Value to your investment!)

  • DOUBLE YOUR INCOME with the same effort you’re going to make compared to just 1 Technopreneur Account!

  • Instantly Get P1,500 EARNINGS from your Endorsement and Team Sales Bonus from your Own 2 other accounts the Next day!

Comparison of Earnings Between 1 Technopreneur Account and 3 Technopreneur Accounts:

1 Technopreneur Account Only

3 Technopreneur Accounts (Income Doubled!)

What Are You Waiting For? Contact Us Now On The Next Page and Order your Tri-Package Account (P11,964) or your Business Starter Package (P3,988)!

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