The Product And The Business

What Is The Product Of Vmobile?

The Product of Vmobile is the LIFETIME PRIVILEGE DISCOUNT CARD that enables you to ACTIVATE Your Existing Cellphones and SIM Card number and get the Benefits of:

CONVENIENCE (Loading Yourself),
LIFETIME DISCOUNTS (Save 10-11% on your Personal Load Consumption),
UNIVERSAL LOADING SYSTEM (Load ALL Networks and 300+ Prepaid Products more!)

For Only P250 (does not contain Load wallet yet) You can now Get All These Privileges and Benefits! (Imagine if you Consume at least P3000 of Load/month, you can now start SAVING P300/month – FOR LIFE!)


There’s More! What If You Can Now Start EARNING (Not Just Saving) EXTRA INCOME, By Becoming An Entrepreneur and Endorser of Vmobile – The Vmobile Technopreneur!

Actress Isabel Granada with Friends Becoming A Vmobile Technopreneur!

How To Earn Extra Income With The Vmobile Business Starter Package (Technopreneur)

In order for you to get the 4th Benefit which is the EXTRA INCOME, you have to become an ENTREPRENEUR first, not just a USER, that’s why, You are very privileged to become a TECHNOPRENEUR of Vmobile and start your own business and Earn Extra Income doing it Part-Time!

So here’s how to become a Technopreneur: It’s pretty simple. You just need to get 20 Technouser Cards (worth P250 each).

But instead of paying P250 X 20 Technouser Card = P5000 Starting Investment, You only need to invest P3988 for the Vmobile Business Starter Package and get all these products, brochures, tarpaulines and a sweet looking paper bag!

Meaning, you SAVED P1020 for getting that 20 Technouser Activation Cards!

You will also get your own TECHNOPRENEUR ACTIVATION Card to Register your account and cellphone and start getting more Benefits and advantages than the Technouser!

Click The CONTINUE TOUR Button Below To Learn How You Can Earn By Becoming A Technopreneur!

(There are 5 ways to earn! Check out the next page)

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