Benefits of a Vmobile Member


That The Hidden Treasure that has been hiding from you all this time has been hiding in your pocket or your shoulder bag? YES! That little thing that BEEPS when you receive a call or text!


And now we’re going to use your cellphones to your advantage and make money using it! With Vmobile!

What are the Advantages/Benefits of being a VMOBILE Member compared to an Ordinary Load Consumer:


- VMOBILE member: Can now LOAD YOURSELF and your family ANYTIME and ANYWHERE.
- Ordinary Load Consumers: Needs to go to a Loading Station/Sari-sari Store to buy prepaid loads

DISCOUNT (based on a P100 load)

- VMOBILE member: P90 will only be deducted to his/her LOADWALLET. Average 10% LIFETIME DISCOUNT.
- Ordinary Load Consumers: Needs to pay exactly P100 or sometimes P105 from other stores.


- Can now LOAD YOURSELF using your own Cellphone and SIM Card To ALL NETWORKS and Other Prepaid Products (Globe, TM, Sun, Smart, Talk & Text, Red Mobile, Dream Cable, TFC Channel, PLDT Landline Plus, Internet Cards, Online Games and over 300+ products more!)
- Ordinary Load Consumers just buys load from different stores for different products


- VMOBILE member: Aside from having CONVENIENCE and LIFETIME DISCOUNT, you can also earn EXTRA INCOME. See How to Earn section.
- Ordinary Load Consumers: No way to earn EXTRA INCOME. It only BUY and CONSUMES load.

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