So finally, you’ve already taken our Vmobile Tour and have watched the Video Business Presentation on this website (if not, click WHY VMOBILE), and you start wondering… “Hmm… I’m Interested! But how can I start this business?”.

Well, don’t worry! My Team and I are here to support you! Even if you’re anywhere in the Philippines (or even outside the Philippines!), you can start the Vmobile business with ease and feel confident that our Radical Millionaires Team is here to support you.

Why CHOOSE Radical Millionaires Team?

Because we are the only team with the most complete and advanced system and online training materials provided exclusively for our team that even interested people from outside the Philippines can start the business right away! That is why Radical Millionaires Team is the fastest growing Vmobile team in terms of Location growth and expansion. We have over 5000+ members all around the world already!:)

So if you’re just in CEBU CITY, I can personally help you start the business. Just contact me at 0929-255-6771.

But if not, then what I can do is receive your Dealer’s Kit Payment of P3,988, or P11,964 (Tripack) or P27,916 (7 Accounts),  Buy your kit here in Cebu, Register you as a Technopreneur under Radical Millionaires Team, then SHIP Your Kit to your address. I’ll even shoulder the shipping cost for you :)

Pay Through Bank Deposit:

Name: Ryan M. Viajedor
Account Number: 1306 9614 81
Type: Savings Account


Name: Ryan M. Viajedor

Phone Number: 0929-255-6771

Address: Maya, Daanbantayan, Cebu

Then after your deposit, please text me (0929-255-6771) your =

Complete Name:
Mailing Address:
Email Address:
Facebook Profile:
Amount/Time/Branch Deposited:

Then just wait for 2-3 days for your shipment to arrive! Hurray! You’re now an official Technopreneur and Radical Millionaire in Vmobile! :)

Feel Great Always,

Ryan Moradas Viajedor

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