Miyerkules, Abril 11, 2012

Why Vmobile Is For You?

Are You…

A Regular Cellphone User;

  • Who is either a student, employed, Jobless, businessman, OFW, or Retired?

  • Who uses Load every single day from texting or calling?

  • Who is Tired of going to your Local Sari-Sari Store To Reload?

  • Who wants to be able to conveniently load yourself even though it’s already 12 in the midnight?

  • Who wants get 10-11% LIFETIME discount from your regular load consumption (Pay only P90 for a P100 Regular Load!)

  • And be able to load your friends and family too with a discount?

A Regular Employee;

  • Who is already tired from working 8-hours a day?

  • Who is getting paid very low from your employers?

  • Who is also a regular cellphone load user?

  • And wants to start your a part-time, side-line project to make more money?

  • And be able to support your family more?

A Jobless Person;

  • Who is tired of just being a “tambay”?

  • And wants to finally start earning even part-time?

  • And finally support your family?

  • And be able to experience the things you wanted when you have money?

An Aspiring Businessman/Entrepreneur;

  • Who is currently looking for a good business opportunity right now?

  • Or is involved in a certain business but is not working well and is tired of it?

  • And wants to look for a better alternative?

  • With more target market (90,000,000+ or more People!)

  • So you can earn more and grow you business more?

An OFW (Overseas Filipino Worker);

  • Who is using too much cellphone load to call your family here in the Phils.?

  • Who is already very tired of working abroad?

  • Who misses your family here in the Philippines?

  • And wants to finally get back home?

  • And wants to provide your family a very good, stable opportunity here in the Phils.

  • And be able to help other OFWs get an opportunity to earn more and be able to go back home?

And most of all…

Do you want to live the life you have always dreamed of?

If you said “YES” to some of the questions, then no doubt, VMOBILE IS FOR YOU and FOR EVERYONE!


(Finally! You will discover that your HIDDEN TREASURE has been with you all along! Find out on the next page!)