Corporate Background

PentaCapital Investment Corporation (PentaCapital) is a leading independent investment house in the Philippines known for its unique expertise in project development and financing, especially for real estate, leisure and infrastructure projects. PentaCapital was organized in late 1993 by a group of investment bankers and the Philodrill Corporation to engage in investment banking services with an initial subscribed capital of PhP 200 million and paid-up capital of PhP 150 million.
PentaCapital has acquired a niche in the investment banking and financial services sectors, specifically: money market operations, consumer financing (through its 98%-owned quasi-bank, PentaCapital Finance Corporation), debt and equity underwriting, financial advisory and project financing, especially for BOT/BLT projects. In addition, PentaCapital received its license to engage in trust, fiduciary and investment management services last August 30, 1996.
PentaCapital is managed by a team of experienced managers with a combined experience of more than 150 years. Senior officers of PentaCapital have extensive foreign and local experience in the field of merchant, investment and commercial banking, corporate finance, underwriting, project financing, mergers and acquisition, securitization, securities dealership, foreign exchange, money and capital markets, and investment management. PentaCapital shall continue to cater to clients in real estate development, leisure and tourism, mineral resources development, transportation, water resources and infrastructure.
PentaCapital’s net worth as of December 31, 2007 amounted to more than PhP 440 million
Some of PentaCapital Clients

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