Ways To Earn As TechnoPreneur

How Do We Earn As A Technopreneur?

After having invested P3,988 in our Business Starter Package of Vmobile (Technopreneur), you are now privileged to earn from these 5 Ways To Earn as a Technopreneur

1. Avail of the LIFETIME Discount of all Prepaid Load Products up to 10% to 11%

You can consume P3000 worth of Load per Month
P3000 x 12 months = P 36,000 get 10% = SAVE P3600 After 1 Year!

And since Your Technopreneur account can still be used in LOADING, you don’t need to get another Technouser card for your own personal use!

2. Register Technouser Activation Cards To Your Friends

Remember you have 20 Technouser cards in your Package right? For sure, you also have 20 Friends who would like to be able to SAVE from their Lifetime Load Consumption. So what if they get interested to purchase your Technouser Cards?

Technouser Activation Cards – Earn 250.00 per TechnoUser subscription cards sold
Sample Computation = P250 cards x 20 Friends Who like to be a Technouser = You Earned P5,000 Instantly!

And since your starting investment is only P3988, you have now profited around P1,000!

3. Product Consumption Override

What if your 20 Friends started using their account to Load their self and everytime they consume load, you also get 1-2% of the total product consumptions from all your Technousers!

you have 20 Technousers that each of them consumes 1,000 per day
20 x 1000 = 20,000 x 30 days = 600,000 x 1% = You Earned P6,000.00 / month without doing anything! It’s just your Technousers who are consuming regular loads!

4. Endorsement Commission

What if your friends don’t want to be just a TechnoUSER but also to become like you, a TechnoPRENEUR, and they also invested P3,988 to activate and register their account?

So since you’re the one who endorsed them to become a TechnoPRENEUR, then Vmobile will give you an ENDORSEMENT COMMISSION of P500 for every person who signs up that you endorsed to the business!

You endorsed the Technopreneur Package to 4 of your friends who signed up:
4 Friends x P500 = You EARNED P2,000!

Who do you think earns more? The Sari-Sari Store selling GLOBE PREPAID PRODUCTS? or the one endorsing Globe who is VICE GANDA? For sure it’s vice ganda who earns more! Being paid by Globe Millions of Pesos for Endorsing!

Just like Vmobile, instead of hiring Actresses and actors to promote and endorse the product, now as a TECHNOPRENEUR, you can be the one to ENDORSE and PROMOTE the product to others and you will be the one being paid the ENDORSEMENT COMMISSION!

5. Team Partner Bonus (Royalty Income)

And good news is, all the Technopreneurs you endorsed in the business will become a part of your SALES TEAM (You have 2 Sales Team; Team A (Left) & Team B (Right). And all the other Technopreneurs that your Sales Team endorsed will also become part of your Sales Team!

So every time there’s a GROWTH in your Team A (Additional People joining the business in your Team A), that will also be partnered with the GROWTH in your Team B (Additional People joining the business in your Team B), you earn an additional Bonus of P500 for every Team partnership that happens! That’s called Team Partner Bonus!

Assuming Your Team A grew to 10 New Technopreneurs and your Team B grew to an additional of 10 New Technopreneur, then you earned 10 Partnerships X P500 Bonus = a whooping P5000! And so on and so forth! Even though it’s not your effort anymore!

So your ROLE Here is to HELP Your other Sales Team to grow their team too by endorsing Vmobile more to their friends and TRAIN them to be able to LEAD their OWN TEAM. And the more you Whole Team Grows and Earns, the more you EARN!


That’s why after almost 4 years of Vmobile and after some people building their own teams, training them and leading them, Vmobile has already produced 61 New Millionaires!

And hundreds of people are already earning more than regular employees do! Students earning much more than teachers! Jobless people earning more than people who are employed and ordinary individuals turning Millionaires Because of Vmobile!

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